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Post Construction Cleaning Service
Post Construction Cleaning in Lahore

Post Construction Cleaning

At Pak Cleaning Services, we offer the best post-construction cleaning services in Lahore. Our experienced and professional team provides reliable and efficient cleaning services to make sure your new home or office space is spotless and move-in ready.

Our service includes the following:

Intensive Floor Cleaning
We provide intensive cleaning of floors, including corners and skirting to make sure that no dirt or debris is left behind.

Electrical Fixtures Cleaning
We clean fans, vents, louvers, AC grills, and light fixtures (excluding chandeliers) to remove any residual dust and debris.

Disinfecting and Cleaning
Our team disinfects and cleans switches, knobs, and door handles to ensure that your new home is free of germs and bacteria.

Kitchen Cleaning
We clean your kitchen cabinets and appliances inside out, making sure that every surface is spotless and ready to use.

Sanitary Fittings Cleaning
We use steam cleaning to disinfect and clean all your sanitary fittings such as shower heads, washbasins, shower cubicles, bath tubs, and WCs.

Toilet Cleaning
Our team thoroughly cleans and scrubs your toilet inside out with disinfectant to make sure it is fresh and hygienic.

Wardrobe and Drawer Cleaning
We clean your wardrobes, shelves, and drawers inside out to ensure that all your storage spaces are clean and organized.

Window Cleaning
We clean all accessible windows, window sills, and channels thoroughly from inside to make sure they are free of any dirt and debris.

Stair and Railing Cleaning
We clean stairs and railings to ensure that they are safe and free of any debris.

Porch and Elevation Cleaning
Our team cleans/washes your porch, passages, terraces, and elevation to ensure that your outdoor space is as clean as your indoor space.

Cobweb Removal
We remove all cobwebs from your new home to make sure it looks clean and welcoming.

Stain Removal
Our team removes all removable stains of lime scale, paint, polish, lacquer, sticky residue, and stubborn grime from every crack and crevice.

All cleaning material and tools are provided by us, so you don't have to worry about anything.

Excluded Services:
Please note that the following services are not included in our post-construction cleaning service but can be added on for an additional fee:

Floor or any other buffing and polish
Chandelier cleaning
Upholstery cleaning
Water tank cleaning
Roof cleaning
Pest Control

Add-On Services:

Upholstery cleaning
Water tank cleaning
Roof cleaning
Pest Control

Call us now to book your post-construction cleaning service and let us take care of everything for you!

Pak Cleaning Services

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